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What Makes Our Registered Agent Service Better

  • Commercial location, no residential home address
  • Instant forms and instructions on how to file in your online account
  • Real time annual report reminders and notices if your information changes on the Idaho Secretary of State
  • Full set of compliance documents to help you maintain your companies in your online account
  • Real time document delivery and storage in your online account
  • No paypal, standard security of regular credit card processing
  • This is what we do, it’s not a side business
  • In your online account, you can enter your data once, and then populate any form without re-typing data entry
  • Instant service
  • Tools to establish an entire online business presence with a domain, website, email, SSL, and virtual phone service at an Idaho phone number.
  • Cheapest in Idaho

All registered agents do not do the same thing. Some Idaho registered agents might take your money and send you a bill. This makes them an expense. We are a business services company first and foremost. With Annual $35 – Idaho Registered Agent LLC, you don’t just get a cheap bill once a year. You get a system to manage your companies. You get an online account to not just see documents we receive for you as your Idaho registered agent. You get tools to manage your company. Such as entering your company info once, and then being able to populate operating agreements, corporate bylaws, annual meeting minutes, filing your Idaho annual report without re-entering data each year, and you can even populate forms for any state in the US, without re-entering data. We can also take care of federal filings your business might need, like your company’s EIN and BOI Report.

Choosing a registered agent in Idaho isn’t just about choosing the cheapest price. Whoever you list on your paperwork can receive any legal notice for you and it’s proof that you’ve been notified. Will your registered agent have a system in place to notify you and get these documents to you? We do. Listing a registered agent with a home address means that any friend or family member that might be at that residential address could accept your legal documents. What a risk! This is serious. As a commercial registered agent at an actual office, not doing this as a side business; we not only store your legal documents in your online account, we can email, fax, text, call, and send your documents to you in real time any way you want to get them.

We can help you establish your business presence, too. We offer our clients their own website domain that includes a business email address and SSL service for website security. You can also get a direct business line on a local, Idaho phone number of your choice that can be used with an internet connection on your computer or our iOS or Android app. The best part? All of this comes at no upfront cost.

Even though we’re the cheapest, we think we’re the best. Don’t let the price fool you. We have made a commitment to be the cheapest at whatever the cost. We will be, but we will never sacrifice the service level we provide to you our valuable clients based on a price.

Why do I need an Idaho Registered Agent?

You are legally required to hire and maintain a registered agent. The law regarding registered agents can be found in the Idaho R.A. Act 40-405.

Your LLC or Corporation will not be accepted by the Secretary of State without a registered agent.

The law was established to ensure that both the State of Idaho and the general public can reliably contact your business.

How do I change registered agents to you?

Option One: File a Statement of Change of Registered Agent, Registered Office, or Both with the Idaho Secretary of State.

Idaho does not require original signatures on this form. You can fill in your portion of the form, sign it, and fax it to us. We will sign our consent and fax it to the Secretary of State.

Or we fill-in our information, sign the consent, and send it to you, and you can send it/fax it at your leisure.

You may fax the Statement of Change to the Secretary of State, or you can submit online, mail or hand-deliver it to (see the contact info below).

There is no fee to change registered agents.

Option Two: You may call the Secretary of State’s office and request an Annual Report Form (this form cannot be found online). On this form, you may change your registered agent and return the form to the Secretary of State.

Do I sign up before or after I form my company?

Hire us first. You must appoint a registered agent when filing your Certificate of Organization or Articles of Incorporation.

The name and physical address of your registered agent must be included.

The Secretary of State will not accept your formation document without a registered agent.

What are the duties of an Idaho Registered Agent?

  • Accept services of process (legal documents and official mail on behalf of clients)
  • Maintain an in-state physical address (this is called your registered office)
  • Be open during regular business hours
  • Notify clients when they have services of process or official mail
  • Forward all documents to clients in a timely manner

It is in your company’s best interest that you choose a registered agent carefully. Your registered agent should be dependable and stable.

How should I submit business filings in Idaho?

All business filings go to the Idaho Secretary of State. The Idaho Secretary of State recently updated their website, so that most filings can be done online. Most online filings are processed in 8 business days unless you pay the state’s expedited processing fee.

Next to online, the fastest way to file in Idaho is by fax. The fax number is: (208)-334-2080. If you fax your documents, you will need to also fax a credit card coversheet.

You can also mail or hand-deliver your documents to:

Office of the Secretary of State
450 N 4th Street
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080

Be sure to include all necessary payments. The Secretary of State’s office will delete all business filings from their database if payment is not enclosed [67-910(6), Idaho Code]. There is no charge to change agents or file annual reports.

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