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Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

If you’re starting a new business in 2021, you’ll need to find the right solution for accepting debit and credit card payments. At Idaho Registered Agent LLC, we can help.

When you form your Idaho business through us, or simply hire us to be your business’s Idaho registered agent, you can set up a free in-house phone consultation to discuss your needs with our in-house credit card experts. We’ll help you sift through your options, and help you apply for a merchant account with a payment processor at stellar rates we negotiate on your behalf.

Plus, we can help you get set up with the processing tools you’ll need to to process payments. Whether that’s a simple credit card machine for in-person payments, more advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems, or online payment options—our team of in-house credit card experts has you covered.

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How to Request Your Free Consultation

  1. Sign up for our standalone Idaho Registered Agent Service or our Company Formation Service (if your goal is to form an Idaho LLC or form an Idaho corporation).
  2. On the order form, you’ll see a check box, under “Optional Products,” for a “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation.”
  3. Simply check that box and complete your order.

Our team will then reach out to you by email to set up your free in-house phone consultation. That’s all there is to it.

How Our Credit Card Service Works

  1. We’ll start by talking to you about your business and how it works.
    This includes how you want to accept credit card payments, your current or estimated monthly sales, your average transaction amount, and your type of business. We’ll use this information to determine the rates that will work best for you, as well as the type of software or hardware you’ll likely need.
  2. We’ll complete and submit your application to the payment processor.
    This is one of our key roles. We have the experience to make sure you don’t make the typical mistakes new businesses make when they apply for a merchant account, so we’ll submit the application ourselves based on the information you provide and the rates and other prices we negotiate on your behalf.
  3. The payment processor will evaluate your application.
    Once submitted, your application goes to the payment processor’s underwriting department. They’ll reach out to you for any additional information they need, and they’ll decide if they approve the rates and prices we requested on your behalf. If they approve, you’re good to go. If not, they could make a new offer, and we’ll get together to evaluate that offer and discuss your options.
  4. You start taking credit card payments.
    Once your application is approved, the processor will set up your account, we’ll ensure your equipment or software gets to you, and you’ll be in a position to start taking payments.
  5. We’re here for the long haul.
    At Idaho Registered Agent LLC, we’re a customer-support driven company, so we’re not going anywhere after we get you set up to take credit card payments. Our team of credit card experts will stick with your business to audit your merchant statements when needed, help you resolve any problems with the processor that might arise, and answer your questions along the way.

Why We Can Help You Save

We can help you save when you accept credit card payments because our goal isn’t to make a bunch of money on credit card processing. Wait, a business that isn’t interested in making much money? Sounds unbelievable, right? But the explanation is pretty straightforward.

You see, we don’t rely on credit card processing to support our business. We’re already a successful Idaho registered agent and business formation service. So, when we conceived the idea of getting involved in the payments business, we thought only in terms of providing a new service to help out our clients. That’s it.

And, that’s why your credit card processing consultation comes free when you hire us to be your Idaho registered agent, hire us to form your Idaho LLC, or hire us to form your Idaho corporation. We want you to be our client, in the traditional way, first and foremost. Letting us help you sign up to accept credit card payments is just a perk (a perk you don’t have to choose) when you do business with us.

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Credit Card Processing FAQs

Is the Phone Consultation Really Free?

That’s right. We want to help you get set up to take credit card payments because we know we get you good rates, but you’re free to just talk to us and decide not to take advantage of this option if you’d prefer to go a different route on your own.

How Will You Set My Rates & Fees?

We’ll set your rates and other fees based on the ways you want to take payments, your business type, and information about your current or estimated sales (such as your average monthly sales and average transaction amount). This information is important because the “best” rates for a particular business really depend on how that business works.

For instance, some businesses will benefit from lower per transaction costs and higher discount rates on volume, while it’s the other way around for other businesses. Our goal is to find the rates and other costs that work best for you.

Will I Pay You or the Payment Processor?

You’ll pay the payment processor directly, not us. This takes the form of a merchant monthly statement that lists out your processing fees you owe for that month.

When you pay the processor, we get a cut of their profits to support our role for setting up your account and providing ongoing client support. But, since we can keep that cut low, we can keep your rates low as well.

Can I Sign Up Directly With a Payment Processor?

It’s possible to sign up directly with a payment processor (not to mention the myriad companies like ours that act as middle-men). The crucial question, though, is if the sales rep you’re dealing with has the primary goal of saving you money or not—which typically isn’t the case.

That’s why our service is so unique. Our goal is simply to cover our costs with the minimum markups possible and keep your costs low.

Why Did You Create this Service?

Through our years helping our clients start and maintain their businesses in Idaho, we’ve regularly received questions about getting set up to accept credit card payments—how it works, what a good deal is, what sort of equipment or software is needed, and so on. We’ve always been willing to answer those questions, of course, but we kept thinking it would be good to some day offer a solution as well.

Eventually, that’s what we decided to do. From our perspective, getting set up to take credit and debit card payments is really part of “starting a business.” How can you do business if you can’t get paid? So, after some wrangling with payment processors and a great deal of planning on our end, we set our to create this service to help our clients get paid.

Who Can Request a Free Consultation?

Your free credit card processing consultation is available when you hire us to form your Idaho business, or when you simply sign up for our Idaho registered agent service (our registered agent service, of course, is included when you hire us to form your business).

Just check the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” option on your sign-up form, and we’ll reach out to you.

Why Should I Accept Credit Card Payments?

The short answer is that your customers will expect it. Even if you’re running a brick-and-mortar store and only dealing with in-person payments, loads of consumers will show up without any cash in hand (or without enough cash to make big purchases). And, if you’re running an online business, of course, accepting credit card payments is essentially a must.

That said, you have to pay to accept credit card payments (unlike with cash), and that’s where the need for the right deal comes in. You need rates and a plan that match the way you do business, and you need the right equipment or software to make it all happen. We can help with all three.